Friday, October 29, 2010

Dive Barbados

I love the island of Barbados and let me tell you why…
Barbados is the ultimate “Caribbean Island”.  It is extremely safe - so safe in fact, that you can take the local buses around town to shop, go out to eat and meet the local people.  Barbados is one of the few places where you will feel welcome everywhere you go by everyone you meet.  But it gets better… Barbados doesn’t have any of those high-rise resorts that keep you secluded in their compounds – the resorts are all relatively small and off you that fantastic feeling of being “on an island”.  You know the feeling I am talking about – not like being in a Vegas-style resort, but feeling like you have actually disconnected to the hustle and bustle of everyday life and you are now on a small, tropical, and luxurious island!  Barbados is fast food and mass tourist free – no McDonalds here!
Barbados is known for its ship wrecks so if you are still wanting to complete your PADI Wreck Diving Certification this is the optimal spot for you! They also have the infamous ‘Bottle Dive’ where you can dive for ‘historic’ glass bottles and whatever you find you are allowed to take back home with you!  Whatever your dive level, there is something for everyone in Barbados. 
Barbados is below the hurricane belt which means you can dive all year round!  They have an average temperature of 70-90% year round and when it does rain it tends to stop within an hour – just long enough to refresh the island and give it that misty, clean scent.  And I must mention that Barbados is the birthplace of everyone’s favorite Caribbean mixer - Rum! Yes, you heard it here, first!
I am headed to Barbados this year and will be positing my adventures along the way, but if you want to go before me just let me know and I’ll get you set up with the perfect accommodations, flights, and diving that suite your needs and desires!
Barbados, here we come!

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