Sunday, November 28, 2010

Book a trip to the NEW All-Inclusive Hard Rock Hotel and Casino get up to $2,200 back!

If you book your trip to the NEW All-Inclusive Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic by December 31st you will get up to $2,200 back in hotel and air credit!  Read more below because this is a deal of a lifetime!
hard rock
Book your trip for anytime during the upcoming year and you automatically get $1,500 in resort-credit to use in their world-class spa, golf or day excursions!  You can even use this resort-credit to upgrade your wines or play at the casino - which can win you real money in return!
hard rock 1
But it gets even better… if you stay more than 7 nights, you will get an additional $700 in air credit!  That’s like having one person fly for free!
hard rock 4
Let’s look at this whole package again.  You can book an 8 night stay at the NEW Hard Rock Hotel and Casino during low season for $3,100 for two adults.  You get $2,200 back automatically so your trip only costs you $900 for an 8 night vacation for TWO PEOPLE!! 
hard rock 3
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is  the newest All-Inclusive hotel in Punta Cana. It is situated on a beautiful beach and offers you luxurious accommodations as well as endless options for fun. This offer is only valid up to December 31st, 2010 so don’t delay!  They are only offering such a phenomenal deal because the hotel is brand NEW and they want you to go home and brag about it!  Contact me now and give your loved one the gift of travel this holiday season!
I look forward to hearing from you!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Book your dive trip to Curacao now and save big $$!

Some great specials for divers are available to you if you book before December 15th!  Find cheap flights from anywhere in the world and explore some of the Caribbean’s best diving!  Here are some options for you to consider:
Breezes Curacao is a super all-inclusive resort that even includes your diving!!  All of your food, drinks and non-motorized sports are included in your cost but this great resort also includes your scuba diving!  Breezes has a nice, large beach with a large pool and swim-up bar.  There are daily activities for all ages as well as nightly entertainment!  They are offering you the low price of $1,243 if you travel during the winter or the great price of $1,155 if you travel during low season (all prices are based on double occupancy)!   And to sweeten the pot if you have 9 divers in your group the 10th diver is free!
Hilton Curacao is offering divers a combination of room, diving (5 days of 2-tank dives), and daily breakfast for only $1,198 in the high season and $1,055 in low season!  Prices are based on double occupancy.  Again, if you have 9 divers in your group, the 10th person is free!
Lions Dive and Beach Resort is also offering you a special of hotel accommodations and 6 days of 2-tank dives for only $835 per person based on double occupancy!  Like the others, they will give you the 10th person FREE with 9 paid divers!
Don’t wait to contact me because these prices are only available to you until December 15th!  Send me an email and I’ll give you more details! or

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wyndham Cozumel is the only Adult-Only hotel on the Island and worth the trip!

I had the absolute pleasure of staying at the Wyndham Cozumel November of 2010 and I wanted to share my wonderful experience with you. If you are planning a trip to Cozumel, I highly recommend the Wyndham properties. Below are a few of the reasons, but feel free to email me if you have other questions regarding this property.
Adult Only: In March of 2010 the Wyndham changed its property to being an Adult Only hotel in all 3 sections (Wyndham, Resident, Sabor). I have children, I love children, but when I am on vacation without my own children there is nothing worse than having to deal with a stranger’s child being unruly or loud. I commend the Wyndham for making this change because it is fantastic, and it is currently THE ONLY ADLULT ONLY hotel on Cozumel. I know I’ll come back!
Sections and Rooms: There are 3 sections to this property: the Wyndham, the Residence, and Sabor. The Residence section has studios and suites which offer kitchenettes, refrigerators, and a sitting area in the suites. The Wyndham has large rooms with your choice of king or two queen beds and some offer a private Jacuzzi on your patio! The Sabor offers the very unique option of swim-up rooms (where a lagoon comes right up to your patio and you can jump right in!) or rooms with plunge pools with water slides! Yes, these two very unique options are in an Adult Only hotel – you’ve got to love it!
It is important to note the guests staying at Sabor can use all of the facilities of all 3 sections whereas the guests at the Wyndham and Residence sections cannot use the Sabor section facilities. There are OCEAN FRONT rooms in both the Wyndham and Residence sections. I had the joy of having an Ocean Front room and there is nothing better than having your morning coffee with the waves at your feet. I LOVE IT!
All-Inclusive: All 3 sections of the Wyndham are All-Inclusive. I sincerely love this option for a hotel because you can eat and drink anything (and as much as) you want and you never have to carry a wallet or more importantly, worry about how much it costs. The only difference is that the Sabor section has room service offered 24 hours a day and in the Wyndham and Residence sections room service is only offered during dinner.
Amenities: There are so many amenities that I am sure I will forget some, but here is what I can tell you off the top of my head. There are 3 large swimming pools (one topless optional), a fitness room, tiki bars, tennis courts, a spa, beach volleyball, a movie theatre, a nightclub, a few very nice shops offering a variety of items like: cigars, tequila tasting (and buying), brand name handbags (like Coach), gifts and souvenirs, and any basic necessities you may have forgotten. Included in your package is also the non-motorized sport such as kayaks, sail boats, and snorkel equipment – this was really nice for many of the non-diving guests I spoke to because they didn’t want to pack/carry their own snorkel equipment. Not included in your all-inclusive package but offered here at the hotel for a fee are jet skis and scuba diving.
Scuba Diving and Snorkeling: Cozumel has some of the BEST diving in the world there for some of the best in the Caribbean. What is unique to Cozumel is that the diving is mostly “Drift Diving” which means your dive boat will drop the divers at one end of the reef and you can literally just drift along the reef. It is like floating along – it’s an amazing experience! Because the people of Cozumel have protected the reef there is an abundance of coral and sea creatures for both the divers and the snorkelers to see. Last night I had dinner with a woman who is an avid snorkeler and she has been coming to Cozumel to snorkel for the past 7 years! She has snorkeled other islands but she keeps coming back to Cozumel – I think that says it all!
Staff: You can go to a lovely hotel and have top notch amenities, but if the staff isn’t pleasant and helpful you will never feel truly welcome and you will not enjoy your stay. Here at the Wyndham, Residence and Sabor I personally guarantee that you will meet the most amazing staff who will make you feel at home and they will bend over backwards to ensure your stay is better than you had anticipated. All of the staff are friendly and have great personalities with a rich sense of humor. Like I said, nice amenities are important, but a truly caring and friendly staff is even more important when it comes to making your stay pleasant and memorable.
A few examples of the great service here at the Wyndham: The gym does not open until 7 am but a guest wanted to work-out prior to her dives so the staff made it possible for the fitness center to open at 5:30 am for her – all she had to do was ask. I spent most of my days touring the island of Cozumel and was hardly ever in my hotel room so I told the cleaning staff they didn’t have to clean my room that day. You would think they would be grateful to get out of the work, but instead they were very concerned and must’ve asked me if I was sure about 5 times! They were very concerned that I would have enough towels, coffee, etc. It was very sweet.  This morning the waiter had a table of four people constantly laughing. He sang to them while he served them and he most definitely started their day off on the right foot!
Food and Drink: There are 4 restaurants on property. Roberto’s is open only for dinner and requires casual elegant dress. All restaurants are a la cart and have a great variety (my favorite breakfast was the Eggs Motulenos – try it!). La Isla has fantastic Ocean Front tables and on some evenings has a great salad bar. There are also 4 bars – 2 on the Wyndham/Residence section and 2 in Sabor. The drinks flow freely and the bar staff is very entertaining. The Bambu Bar has wooden swings on 2 sides for guests to swing in while they mingle and drink.
After reading this article, you have probably guessed that I truly enjoyed my stay at the Wyndham. I will send my clients here and feel very confident that they will receive the very best amenities and service for their money. You do not have to be a diver to go to Cozumel. There is so much to do and see on the island and the people are just fantastic! Let me send you on your next vacation to the Wyndham, Residence or Sabor so you too can enjoy the paradise of Cozumel! or

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cozumel hosting the Ironman!

Cozumel is hosting the Ironman competition this month and the whole island is excited! Hotels are doing last minute touch-up and renovations, roads are being built and competitors are starting to arrive and train! The island is buzzing with excitment - I wish I could stay and cheer on the athletes!  For more information please visit  or for the schedule of events go to:

Friday, November 5, 2010

Attend Carnival in Brazil and then go Diving!

March 4-8 is the next upcoming Carnival in Brazil. You’ve heard about the costumes, the parade, the parties and the fantastic celebration that continues both day and night, well this year it will get even better as Rio de Janeiro, Salvador da Bahia, Recife and Olinda will be there to host the BIGGEST PARTY IN THE WORLD!  This is defiantly something you want to be a part of!
And once you’ve completed all the celebrating, hob-nobbing, and excitement you can handle, take the short trip over to one of the Brazil Cays to do some fantastic diving.  There is an amazing protected area that covers a group of islands in the northeast coast.  There you will find a plethora of marine life, clear warm water, shallow lagoons and tidal pools.  There are many dolphins, sea turtles, and much more. 
Brazil is one of those places you have to visit before it’s too late. Unlike many countries, Brazil’s  culture is still abundant and the people are truly friendly.  The carnival is a great way to meet and learn about both.  But then add your dive trip to the tail end and you will encounter islands that will take you back in time. You will not find high-rises, fast food restaurants, and cheesy souvenir shops.
Contact Bare Diver International today and we will help you plan and book your March trip to Brazil and all of its wonders!  Cheap airfare is available from all over the world so book today before the prices go up!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Diving-Included Resorts -- The Next Big Trend for Travelers

Yes, you could give your significant other an expected store bought gift, but what they would really prefer  is the gift of TRAVEL and DIVING.  At Sandals and Breezes All-Inclusive Resorts your scuba lesson is included in hotel price!  But that’s not all!  You also get TWO DIVES EACH DAY included in your stay!
Veteran divers as well as new (or even just curious) divers will enjoy diving with Sandals and Breezes Resorts. Because of their All-Inclusive luxury attitude, they will pamper you even while on a dive boat!  They will carry your tanks, help you prep your gear and will guide you underwater so you can see hidden creatures like seahorses’, frog fish, eels, and much more!
Still not sure?  I encourage you to do some research for yourself.  Pick your favorite all-inclusive resort. Now add on the diving costs – ouch!  You didn’t realize how expensive it become. Diving-Included is becoming the next big trend and I highly recommend it. 
sandals dive
Recently I took a group of families diving and low-and-behold we had some issues.  One of the youth members (also brand new diver) didn’t enjoy diving as much as he thought he would; another youth diver hurt his ear due to ascending too fast and therefore both of those boys discontinued their diving on that trip.  The parents of these children had prepaid for their diving and suddenly had to work out an agreeable refund from the hotel.  All of this hassle would've been avoided if we had been staying at a Diving-Included resort!  So, yes, my next group/family dive trip (July 2011) will be at a Diving-Included resort.  Go ahead and learn from me, it’s okay!
As a side note, many Breezes Resorts are now Adult Only so check with  me prior to deciding on a destination.  Breezes Resorts are in the Bahamas, Jamaica, Curacao, Brazil and now Panama.
Sandals Resorts are couples-only resorts.  You can find Sandals Resorts in Jamaica, St. Lucia, Bahamas, and Antigua.  If you haven’t recently been to a Sandals you should go – they are not what they used to be and I can guarantee you will be impressed!

Give your Lover the gift of a truly romantic getaway at Couples Resorts!

If you have not been to a Couples Resort, you are truly missing out!  These resorts, all based in different parts of northern Jamaica, are completely fantastic!  As you probably figured out, this is a ‘couples only’ resort which adds to their already romantic charm. Each  Couples Resort is unique in it’s own way but they all have a full-indulgent atmosphere of romance and luxury.  Couples Resorts are well known for their ability to surprise and impress even the often-returning guest. They have amazingly delicious food in their restaurants,their staff is incomparably fabulous, and their grounds are designed in such a way that you feel as if you have found your own private island resort.
Book with BareDiver or Caribbean Journey today and you can get 50% off your travels up to December 25th!  Yes, 50% off your entire stay!  Did I mention that Couples Resorts are All-Inclusive (all meals, snacks and beverages),  includes a scuba diving course with one ocean dive, includes airport transfers and all of your taxes, fees and gratuities.  Once you show up, you can completely relax and unwind – leave your wallet tucked safely away in you hotel room safe and enjoy your stay.
So, give your lover an early holiday present that you’ll both love – a luxurious romantic vacation:  A Trip for Two to a Couples Resort in Jamaica!
While your friends back home will be freezing cold, running store to store and trying to find the “perfect gift” for their lover, you will be on the warm sandy beach basking in the Caribbean sun….life doesn’t get any better than that!  Contact us now at or We’ll help you make your holiday “dreamy”!