Thursday, November 4, 2010

Diving-Included Resorts -- The Next Big Trend for Travelers

Yes, you could give your significant other an expected store bought gift, but what they would really prefer  is the gift of TRAVEL and DIVING.  At Sandals and Breezes All-Inclusive Resorts your scuba lesson is included in hotel price!  But that’s not all!  You also get TWO DIVES EACH DAY included in your stay!
Veteran divers as well as new (or even just curious) divers will enjoy diving with Sandals and Breezes Resorts. Because of their All-Inclusive luxury attitude, they will pamper you even while on a dive boat!  They will carry your tanks, help you prep your gear and will guide you underwater so you can see hidden creatures like seahorses’, frog fish, eels, and much more!
Still not sure?  I encourage you to do some research for yourself.  Pick your favorite all-inclusive resort. Now add on the diving costs – ouch!  You didn’t realize how expensive it become. Diving-Included is becoming the next big trend and I highly recommend it. 
sandals dive
Recently I took a group of families diving and low-and-behold we had some issues.  One of the youth members (also brand new diver) didn’t enjoy diving as much as he thought he would; another youth diver hurt his ear due to ascending too fast and therefore both of those boys discontinued their diving on that trip.  The parents of these children had prepaid for their diving and suddenly had to work out an agreeable refund from the hotel.  All of this hassle would've been avoided if we had been staying at a Diving-Included resort!  So, yes, my next group/family dive trip (July 2011) will be at a Diving-Included resort.  Go ahead and learn from me, it’s okay!
As a side note, many Breezes Resorts are now Adult Only so check with  me prior to deciding on a destination.  Breezes Resorts are in the Bahamas, Jamaica, Curacao, Brazil and now Panama.
Sandals Resorts are couples-only resorts.  You can find Sandals Resorts in Jamaica, St. Lucia, Bahamas, and Antigua.  If you haven’t recently been to a Sandals you should go – they are not what they used to be and I can guarantee you will be impressed!

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