Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sandals Resorts is offering an End-Of-Year SALE you don’t want to miss!

It’s true, book your Sandals vacation by the end of 2010 and you can get up to 65% off the price PLUS 2 free nights PLUS up to $250 in spa credit!  So if you have a little bit of cash-flow from the holidays (didn’t your extended family give you and your significant other some money?) you can pool it all together and put your deposit down today on a memory of a lifetime!  That’s all you need to put down today - $400 deposit down today and your trip is on hold at this great price!
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If you have never been to a Sandals Resort, let me tell you from first hand experience that it’s not what it was 15 years ago!  If you are thinking it’s cheesy and impersonal you are so wrong!  Sandals has fine tuned customer service and the whole ambiance of “All-Inclusive”. All of the Sandals Resorts are COUPLES ONLY and you can just imagine the difference in the atmosphere just from this one policy. They also have multiple restaurants available for you, and no, they are not all buffet style!  Sandals has an amazing entertainment staff that offers you a wide range of activities that you can chose to participate in or not, but let me tell you that you will want to do some of the activities because they are truly that much fun!
Okay, so I’ve told you that Sandals Resorts are Couples Only, All-Inclusive, have great entertainment and activities, but what else?  Well, they have top notch service that includes the option of having your own personal butler!  YEs, your very own butler so when you are sitting by the pool or on the beach and you suddenly realize your forgot your book in your room, you just send your butler to go get it for you!  Need a reservation at the restaurant?  Your butler gives you the ability to have  first dibs  on the best tables and ensures you will get in!
Alright, all of that is still not enough, let me tell you that DIVING IS INCLUDED in your stay. Yes, two dives per day are included in your package - which is now 65% off!. But, it gets even better….all of your gear is also included in your stay so you don’t have to pay to check that extra bag at the airport!  For the new, recreational divers or the veteran divers Sandals is the place to go!
There are Sandals Resorts in the Bahamas, Jamaica, St. Lucia (my favorite one!), and Antigua.  Where do  you want to go?

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