Thursday, January 13, 2011

Almond Resorts in Barbados

There are 3 fantastic Almond Resorts on the beautiful island of Barbados – they all have their own unique style and charm but all carry the Almond name which, as you know, means you cannot go wrong with any of them.  Almond Resorts are all-inclusive with food, drinks, snacks and entertainment for everyone.  Flights come into Barbados daily so stay a few days or a week – it’s up to you!
Almond Beach Village
Beach Village
Almond Beach Village has a  beautiful beach and offers the client a number of great water sports to chose from (all included!).  This resort is great for groups, couples, and families. There are 10 fresh water swimming pools – 3 of them just for children and 3 for adults only.  There is a great kid’s program and many activities to keep all travelers as busy (or not) as they chose to be.  Almond Beach Village is on 32 acres of the stunning northwest cost of the Barbados – previously a sugar plantation.  You can almost feel it’s history.
Almond Beach
Almond Beach Club and Spa
Beach club and spa 2
Almond Beach Club and Spa is an Adult-Only resort on the west cost of Barbados – right in the heart of good scuba diving!  This small resort has an intimate and tranquil feel to it.  Beautifully landscaped gardens and a multi level pool divided by a waterfall offer the ambiance of romance and relaxation.  You can take Yoga classes, go to the spa, or dine at one of the 3 tantalizing restaurants.  This resort will relax and invigorate you just as a vacation should.
Beach Club and Spa
Almond Casuarina Beach
Almond Casuarina
Almond Casuarina Beach is the newest to the Almond Family.  This resort is walking distance to a busy tourist area that hosts a large selections of restaurants, bars and nightclubs!  For those that want a little nightlife and excitement, this is the Almond Resort for you!  Almond Casuarina is set on 15 lush tropical acres on the southwest costs of Barbados.  There are 3 swimming pools, and tons of water sports to chose from like windsurfing, sailing and kayaking.  Age-appropriate activities are offered for the children at the kid’s club so mom and dad can have a few hours to themselves.
Almond Casuarina
BareDiver International is going to Barbados in August – go on your own or join us!  We’d love to meet you!

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