Friday, September 23, 2011

10 Reasons you want to have a Butler while staying at Sandals Resorts

While staying at Sandals Resorts you have a choice of the level of service you would like ranging from their standard service which is very good to Butler service which is over the top.  Personally, I love the extra pampering and perks I get when I have a Butler.  I most recently had the wonderful experience of a Butler at Sandals Halcyon and I was truly impressed.  Here are 10 perks I was able to experience because of my Butler service:
1.  Upon arrival at Sandals Halcyon all guests were seated at the lobby where a formal check-in process began followed by a short group tour of the property.  Having a Butler, we were whisked away and were able to do the check-in process in our very own air-conditioned room.
2.  While checking in, after a long day of travel, a beautiful assortment of fruit, cheeses, and drinks we presented to us while we checked in inside our air-conditioned room.
3.  Instead of having the group tour of the property, our Butler took us around and showed us all of the resorts amenities.  This was especially nice because we had the Butler’s undivided attention and could ask questions without feeling like we were holding up others who hadn’t yet been to their rooms or had a refreshment. (Yes, I got my own coconut!)
4.  Having done some research ahead of time, I knew what Sandals restaurants I wanted to dine at while in St. Lucia.  My Butler happily took my list and went to make all our dinner reservations for the week.  Then, one day, we needed to change our reservation time and our Butler took care of that for us as well.
5.  There are 3 Sandals Resorts in St. Lucia and if you stay at any one of them you can enjoy the amenities of all three so even though we were staying at Sandals Halcyon, there is a fabulous restaurant at Sandals Grand I wanted to enjoy but it is only open to those clients who have Butler service.  This restaurant, Gordon’s, is located out on a pier in the ocean and they have fantastic blue lighting under the water so you can see all of the fish while dining.  The food and wine were amazing and I highly recommend this restaurant to everyone.
6.   Butlers are more than willing to run errands for you.  At some point in our stay we needed a few amenities such as suntan lotion and a comb and all we had to do was call our Butler on our private cell phone (given to us by the resort) and she went to the gift shops to find these items for us and bring them to us wherever we were on the property.
7.  We had some rainy nights and on one of these rainy evenings I decided to retire earlier than my husband.  When I arrived at my room my room key chose not to work.  Being in high heals, a dress, and in the rain, I whole-heartedly did not want to walk all the way to the front desk to get a replacement key so I pulled out my fabulous cell phone and called my personal Butler who arrived within minutes to let me in to my room. He then took my old key to the office and got me a new key made.  I cannot emphasize how wonderful this was for me!
8.  With the Butler service you have the ability to have 24/7 room service and this includes breakfast brought to your room in the mornings.  We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast on our cozy patio every morning with our favorite music in the background.  I did notice quite a few envious eyes walk past us during those times.
9.  Our Butler made all of our Day Excursion reservations for us.  Like the restaurants, I knew what day excursions I wanted to do while in St. Lucia. I handed the Butler our list of excursions along with the dates we would like to do them and he took care of it from there!  While waiting in the lobby with the other guests going on these excursions, our Butler would appear out of no where and offer us a beverage – this perk was better than you can imagine because St. Lucia is hot in September and we were stuck waiting in the lobby. Again, jealous eyes surrounded us from the other guests.
10.  With the Butler level of service we had a fully stocked mini bar with all call brand names of alcohol.  Upon check-in our Butler asked us what we drank and shortly thereafter our fully stocked bar was re-stocked with the types of drinks we prefer!  Now, if you book through me as your travel agent, I will ensure they know what you drink ahead of time so it will be there waiting fro you when you check in!
When you chose the Butler level of service at Sandals it insures that you have what they call the “WOW” factor. They will do something (for me it was a thread of birthday surprises – see previous blog) that will truly surprise you above and beyond your already fabulous Butler service.
While I have listed some great experiences I had with my Butler service, I can tell you there is much more that I could tell you – for example the abundance of towels, how our Butler would appear out of nowhere to assist us, how our Butler always seemed to know where we were and what we needed, that my Butler actually ironed my slacks for me, and that your Butler will unpack and repack for you! These perks are difficult to explain until you experience them yourself.  I truly recommend Butler service for you while you stay at Sandals.
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