Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Calabash Cove may win the annual Bartender Competition with a “Longer Vacation”!

On November 1st of 2011 the island of St. Lucia is hosting their annual “Cocktail Competition”. The greatest bartenders from all of your favorite resorts will be competing. All bartenders are required to concoct both a frozen drink and a shaken drink. All drinks are required to represent the island of St. Lucia and use its naturally grown and distilled ingredients.
This year, my dear friend, Jonathan, from Calabash Cove Resort will be competing for the first time. While I am not an expert, I believe he has a superb chance of winning! His new shaken drink recipe uses two local rums and other secret ingredients that gives this drink an absolutely refreshing yet unique taste. Jonathan’s drink is is called the “Longer Vacation” and perfect for representing St. Lucia is is nothing like I have ever had before.  Who doesn’t want a “Longer Vacation”?!
If you will be visiting St. Lucia on or around November 1st of this year please stop by Calabash Cove and try Jonathon’s winning drink. I promise you’ll be completely impressed and possibly one of the first to congratulate Jonathan on his big win!
Good luck, Jonathan! We’re cheering for you! We know you’ll put Calabash Cove on the map! Contact me today for your FREE personalize travel quote including airfare.  There are now direct flights to St. Lucia!

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