Monday, July 22, 2013

Dive Palancar in Cozumel are fantastic!

I have just returned from a 3-week trip to Mexico. During that stay I had the pleasure of diving with Dive Palancar with my group.  We have dove many islands with many dive operators but Dive Palancar now tops the list!


If you are a diver you will note that some of the ‘small things’ Dive Palancar did for my group went beyond the norm and really made our week relaxing and rewarding.


We had the SAME BOAT the entire week. This was nice because if you left an item on the boat on accident it was there the next day. We also knew the boat well and everyone was comfortable getting on/off/using the facilities.


We had the SAME BOAT CREW per my request and because of this they knew the personalities of the divers, knew who to keep a good eye on and we got to know them so well that they became part of our group! If you dive with Palancar I highly recommend Louis (top photo) and Ismael (2nd photo from top) as they were super informative, knew where to take us and very easy-going.


The boat was stocked daily with ice cold water AND we stopped at actual restrooms between our first and second dives! This was the first time in all my years diving we made ‘pit stops’ and now I’m too spoiled to not do this – totally awesome!


Lastly, one of my very favorite parts was that the staff loaded and unloaded all of our gear to/from the boat. I did not carry ONE tank all week nor did I ever wash my own gear! It was all done for us! THANK YOU DIVE PALANCAR for a fantastic week in Cozumel!

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