Friday, July 16, 2010

Cancun's Cool Underwater Museum

Cancun has brought in famous sculpture artist, Jason de Caires Taylor, to sculpt the world's largest underwater museum.  When it is complete, it will contain over 400 sculptures already!  The sculptures are made out of materials that will enhance the growth of the coral reef and are cohesive to the underwater aquatic life.

So think of this.....  Go this year and be a part of history. See the opening of the world's largest underwater sculpture museum (don't forget to take your underwater camera!) and then......

Go back in a few years and see the changes that have occurred!  Take more photos and compare them! 

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see this museum before the reef begins to grow on it!  There is no turning back the hands of time!

What more is there to do in Cancun?  Well, in the past few years, Cancun has put in Billions of dollars to remodel, renovate and build.  There are resorts for those traveling on a budget as well as some fantastic new 5 star resorts. There are all-inclusive resorts, adult only resorts, and family friendly resorts.  Let me share my knowledge of Cancun with you! Send me an email today!

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