Monday, July 12, 2010

Great Diving in Jamaica

I just returned from Jamaica and was able to scuba dive off the coast of Ocho Rios and off the cost of Negril. While the diving off the coast of Ocho Rios was fine, I was completely surprised at how GREAT the diving is off the coast of Negril!

In just one dive, I swam with a turtle, a dolphin, a school of lion fish and saw an octopus (which everyone knows is my favorite!). The coral was colorful and very abundant. It was a great dive and I encourage everyone to check it out!

But I have to say, the island has changed. I used to feel a little cautious when wandering about outside the resorts, but all of the local Jamaicans I ran into were fantastically friendly, helpful and very happy! Their happiness was very contagious and made for a great trip!

Jamaica was so great, that I want to send YOU there today! If you are interested in diving, I highly recommend staying in Negril. There are quite a few nice All-Inclusive Resorts for you to choose from and I was lucky enough to tour them while I was there. Each resort had a different "feel" and now I feel confident about getting to know you and sending you to the one that suites YOU the best.

Did I mention that Scuba Diving is FREE at these All-Inclusive Resorts? Yes, FREE!  Here are two SuperClubs resorts to consider:

Breezes Grand Resort and Spa

This All-Inclusive resort is Adult only and has a "clothing optional" side. The resort was very clean and the buffet was great. The beach was really spacious and people were playing volleyball, kayaking, and soaking up the rays. There is a nice variety of restaurants available for the guests.

There is also nightly entertainment and beautiful landscaping.

Hedonism II


Yes, you have heard of this place before! For those that want a little more excitement in their lives, this is the place for you! All the guest were 'comfortable in their own skin' - no pun intended - and down to earth. This is a great place to lay back and enjoy the view. There are daily and nightly organized activities guests can participate in ranging from beach volleyball, twister, to toga parties. But, if laying on the beach with a good book is what you prefer, that is available for you also.
There is a "prude" side and a "nude" side. Both sides offer activities, but those going "prude" must know the "nude" often walks past!

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