Friday, August 6, 2010

Book your Barbados Dive Vacation Now!

Barbados is a small island 26 miles long by 14 miles at it's widest point, most accommodation's are situated on the west and south coasts, these being the most sheltered parts of the island with good beaches and easy access to the warm beautiful Caribbean sea, the north and east coast's being very spectacular though rugged with swimming not really possible due to the large swells coming straight off the Atlantic Ocean!

If you have Barbados on your list of locations you'd like to dive, now is the time!  If you book your trip by August 15, 2010 you can get up to $300 refund on your airfare, free daily breakfast, and one-day free car rental!

Barbados had many sites for all different levels of experience and interest!  The reefs around Barbados are some of the healthiest in the Caribbean and there are a variety of creatures - some rare to the area! 

Let me find you a great price to Barbados!

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