Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nude Travel is “IN”!

Yes, you heard it right, the newest “in” thing in travel is NUDE!  Many high end hotels are offering clients a private “clothing optional” pool and beach area.  And of course, there are those great resorts where no-one is shy and complete nudity is the way to be!  Click here to read an article on MSN news regarding the increased interest in nudist resorts and travel! 
Because of the fun play on words with my company,  Bare Diver, I receive emails daily from people wanting to book nude or semi-nude resorts.  So, like any good travel agent, I took a tour of the nude resorts available to you!  (it was hard work, but someone had to do it!).
What I learned was there is something out there for everyone. There are totally nude resorts that offer a party atmosphere, resorts that are classy and family orientated without an sexual undertones, resorts for adults in the “open-minded lifestyle”, and classy adult only “clothing optional” resorts where you can go to either side of the resort depending on your mood that day.  Many hotels also offer private villas with your own private pool/deck area if you want to totally keep to yourselves!
It would be my honor to help you find your “perfect fit” for a nude or semi-nude vacation.  Drop me a line at or
If you’d like to try Nude Scuba Diving I can help you plan it for your group!  If you can think it up, it’s out there!

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