Saturday, August 14, 2010

Scuba Skins with Pizzazz!

While on a dive boat a few years back in Bonaire, I couldn’t help but notice some of my fellow divers……they were all wearing dive skins with really wild patters!  The patterns were psychedelic, floral, bright and completely different than any I had ever seen before!  The skins yelled, “I am a wild and fun!” so naturally, I had to go meet this group.
It ends up that the woman, Sue, has her own on-line company called Dive Goddess and she makes these great skins herself!  She has been in business for years and changes her patterns often so you can ensure your skin is as unique as you are!  Check out her website at!
The other great thing about these skins was their visibility under water.  The catchy and unique patterns are easy to see amongst a boat full of divers so it’s easy to find your dive buddy!
But, let me warn you, these skins are not for the boring or wall-flower types! You have to have a skip in your step to be able to pull this off because everyone one the boat is going to talk to you!
Oh, did I mention that  sells matching scrunchies and hoods too?  Mention my blog when you order yours today!

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